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About Us

Our Founder, E.B. 'Ted' Cogswell

Cogswell Agency was founded in 1937 by E.B. 'Ted' Cogswell, Sr. Through his leadership, the agency became recognized as a leading independent insurance agency facilitating the effective coordination of customer needs and coverage options. The staff of twenty is known for its dedicated insurance service as well as its philanthropic and charitable involvement in the community.


Historically recognized as a leading independent insurance provider in the marketplace, Cogswell Insurance Agency’s roots run deep. Since its beginning in 1937, its founder, E.B. ‘Ted’ Cogswell, Sr. quickly began to set his agency’s course. His first efforts went to establishing trust with his new customers through honesty and hard work. Word of his staunch belief in serving his customers, listening to their individual needs, solving their problems and providing common sense insurance product to them quickly spread. Ted Cogswell never looked back.

Today, these simple principles still thrive here as we continue to accommodate each customer individually, to define their coverage needs and fulfill them. What has changed is the much-expanded number of the most trusted insurance companies in America that we represent for our customers.

Our History of Success and Employee Excellence

Cogswell’s historic place in the market and our dedication to the highest degree of service is the combination that has led our success. We take pride in our capable, handpicked staff, and invest considerable training and educational resources toward their personal competency and abilities to serve our customers. Our investment in their excellence, generous benefits plans and personal incentives towards their well-being, continues to keep Cogswell a happy, fruitful and nearly turnover-free work environment. Many spend a lifetime, both serving and becoming close friends with their customers, up through and beyond retirement.

Our Deep Roots

Deep roots connect The Cogswell Insurance Agency to the community we love. The 81 years we’ve been given to serve has resulted in many friendships and an ownership in what sets our community uniquely apart from all others. We’re more than an insurance agency…we’re a company, proud of what we’ve become and we’ve always served Great falls and Montana. There are few community programs, activities, fundraisers or school projects or functions we don’t support.

Our Partners

An independent agency, Cogswell Insurance Agency represents the source of ultimate choice in the community. Unlike captive insurance agencies in the market who represent only one company—we believe that one size does not fit all. One insurer cannot give you the flexibility of coverages you need to protect your home, your automobile, all your possessions, your family and your business needs.

We instead offer dozens of the most financially stable and most trusted insurance companies in America—specialists… to cover all that is you and yours!